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Northern Ireland

Project Overview

When one of the leading global and well-established water treatment company’s approached Kinnaird Mechanical with an issue with one of there main pumping units, the challenge was accepted and tasked to our well equipped and experienced workshop team.

The workshop in Northern Ireland is equipped to handle the most demanding of overhauls from centrifugal pull back units to large submersible pumps, no pump is too big.

The pump in question was a 2003 submersible pump manufactured by Gilkes, the 811 series was in a very poor condition when it arrived at the workshop

Part of the multi stage process was to decontaminate the pump in our wash down area before being transferred to our workshop ready for stage one condition reporting.

The workshop team were tasked to carry out an electrical insulation/ condition check, the cables were checked and readings crossed referenced with manufactures specs, these reading were low and indicated a full rewind of the motor.

A full stage one mechanical inspection was carried out, oil was drained from the pump chamber and this was found to be contaminated with water a good indication that the mechanical seral had failed, this was more evident when the unit was stripped and the mechanical seal was cracked.

The unit was also found to be seized and the bearings had failed.

All mechanical components were stripped, identified and what was worn and required replacing.

A full stage one report was sent to the client indicating point of failure and what was required to bring the unit back to operational condition the report also included parts required and quotation for the overhaul.

Once the client was happy and it was evident/viable to carry out an overhaul of the unit the service/workshop coordinator arranged the ordering of all parts to overhaul the unit.

The service coordinator communicated to the client during this process as there was a large lead time on a new impeller and due to the nature of the application, there was a requirement to rebuild the unit in an emergency with the old impeller, this was communicated to the workshop engineers.

The above wasn’t required as the impeller came in good time but was a good example of putting the client’s priority and operational depends into prospective and giving a solution.


When all parts hard arrived in to the warehouse these were checked and everything that was required were sourced and giving to the workshop team, who planned and implemented the next stage.

The motor had been rewound and had returned to the workshop where it was rewired, inspected and tested by the electrical team. A full descaling and cleaning operation was carried out, parts primed and recoated ready for rebuild

The unit was rebuilt using OEM parts and all stages documented. Our in-house pressure testing rig was used to carry out a pressure test of the unit giving assurance of integrity.

Once rebuild was completed a hand over to the service coordinator was made and a full-service report compiled for client’s reference, also to comply to their planned maintenance procedure.

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