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Water & Wastewater

Regular planned maintenance is vital as sewage is one of the most corrosive environments for mechanical equipment

About Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

Sewage is one of the most corrosive environments in which mechanical equipment will ever operate. This coupled with the variety of materials that enter sewage pumping stations means that the need for regular planned maintenance is vital.

In order to operate sewage treatment systems rely upon components such as pumps, compressors and motors all of which require periodic replacement.

Kinnaird Mechanical provides a turnkey solution to installing and maintaining packaged sewage pumping stations.

We offer our service to end users ranging from pubs, hotels, schools, restaurants, developers, housing associations,large private houses, caravan parks and a host of other applications.

Kinnaird mechanical maintain assets from large infrastructure, public utility pumping stations to domestic end users

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