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Agri – Biogas Solutions

With a significant increase in the market for biomass pump solutions and equipment, we have you covered

About Agri – Biogas Solutions

Agri – Biogas Solutions

Kinnaird Mechanical has seen a increase in the market for biomass pump solutions and equipment.

Whether it’s liquid manure or viscous food waste and vegetation, there’s one thing to be sure of, and that’s that you need a heavy duty, high pressure digester pump capable of handling solids without clogging or breaking down.

Certain pump types such as centrifugal pumps struggle with thicker fluids due to frictional losses inside the pump causing flow rates to rapidly decline, whereas we know the other pump designs that excel under such conditions.

When it comes to handling viscous biowaste, getting the wrong pump can result in clogging and expensive, regular wear.

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That's why Kinnaird Mechanical can offer a integrated solution for this industries.
Benefits of Kinnaird Mechanical biomass pump range:

Kinnaird Mechanical also offers a wide range of pump application for the agriculture industries, from wash down to transferring effluent we have it covered.

Kinnaird Mechanical also provide onsite services for the Ireland biomass and agriculture industries

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